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Geldoff (Ultimate)
REAL NAME: Geldoff (full name unrevealed)
IDENTITY: No dual identity
KNOWN RELATIVES: Unnamed adoptive parents
EDUCATION: High school student (not yet graduated)
FIRST APPEARANCE: Ultimate Spider-Man #40 (2003)

HISTORY: A Latverian orphan who was experimented on in the womb, Geldoff was born a mutant; unaware of this, he grew up fearing mutants as the "devil's children". Adopted and brought to America as a teenager, he eagerly embraced American culture, especially football. While drunk at a party, Geldoff showed off by blowing up random cars with his mutant powers. The next day, the principal suspended half the football team for their involvement in the destructive party; Geldoff demanded the team be reinstated. When the principal refused, Geldoff blew up the principal's car, and then a car belonging to another teacher who called him a name (presumably "mutant"). Aware of Geldoff's rampages, Spider-Man confronted the youth, denounced his irresponsible behavior, and tried to contain Geldoff's powers with webbing; however, Geldoff simply exploded the webbing. When police arrived, Spider-Man made to leave, and Geldoff begged to go with him, relizing he had overstepped himself. Spider-Man refused, but Geldoff clung on to the back of his costume as Spidey swung away; he lost his grip high in the air, and Spider-Man rescued him.

Taking Geldoff to a nearby rooftop, Spider-Man again tried to makeGeldoff realize how irresponsible he had been. They also discussed the nature of Geldoff's powers, but the mutant-phobic Geldoff insisted he was a "magic man" rather than a mutant. Spider-Man tried to convince him to use his abilities to help people, but Geldoff couldn't see why. When Spider-Man paused to foil a robbery in a shop below, Geldoff bled up a vehicle outside the shop, injuring those inside indiscriminately. Geldoff believed he had performed a good deed, and was shocked when an enraged Spider-Man attacked him. Geldoff angrily threatened to use pis powers directlyon the hero, but was interrupted by the arrival of the X-Men. Confronted by actual mutants who told him he was a mutant too, Geldoff fainted...twice

Geldoff was loaded on to the X-Men's jet, to be taken back to their mansion for examination. Awaking in a panic en route, Geldoff blew out the side of the plane. He and Spider-Man were sucked out, but Jean Grey rescued them while Storm saved the plane. Later, at the mansion, Professor Xavier telepathically sedated Geldoff and detremined his experimental origins. Horrified, Xavier decided to present Geldoff to the scientific organizations and the U.N. as proof of immoral and illegal genetic research. Spider-Man headed home, but not before the woozy Geldoff apologized for threatening him.

HEIGHT: 5 ft. 11 in.
WEIGHT: 145 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Light brown

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Geldoff can generate and discharge explosive energy balls. How this power effects living tissue is unknown, as he has yet to use it on anything organic; Geldoff himself seems immune to the energy.

NOTE: Copied from “The Official Handbook of the Ultimate Marvel Universe 2005: The Fantastic Four & Spider-Man”

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