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Timebroker (Exiles)

REAL NAME: Unknown
KNOWN ALIASES: Timebreaker
OCCUPATION: Interdimensional Guide
CITIZENSHIP: Inapplicable
PLACE OF BIRTH: Inapplicable
MARITAL STATUS: Inapplicable
EDUCATION: Inapplicable

HISTORY: The Exiles first encountered the Timebroker moments after they were plucked from their own realities and gathered together. He brought them to a place outside normal time/space to explain their predicament. According to the Timebroker, they were brought together to fix imperfections in the chain of time. Each of the Exiles' home realities had been altered by ripples in time, and if they do not complete their missions, their lives would forever change for the worse. The Timebroker claims he is an artificial construct - cobbled together from the Exiles' collective unconscious - a way for their individual minds to cope with an unreal situation. The team has received only vague answers to any questions about his existence they might have expressed. Giving Blink a Tallus, a bracelet device that instructs them on their missions, the Timebroker sent them on their first mission.

During the team's first meeting with Weapon X, he told the Exiles and a defecting Sabretooth that by not killing a young David Richards they would remain in that reality forever. To avoid killing, the Timebroker agreed that Sabretooth could stay behind with the child to make sure he did not become a destructive force. The second time the Timebroker appeared was after the media mogul known as Mojo kidnapped the Exiles. Morph was about to kill Mojo when The Timebroker stopped him, claiming it would damage the timestream. On another mission - in the Marvel Universe - the Timebroker destroyed a disembodied evil Havok entity. How this ties into his role as a figment of the Exiles' imagination is unknown but more questions began to arise about his true nature.

As the missions continued, The Timebroker seemed to develop two divergent personalities - one evil and vindictive, the other fatherly and supportive. The Timebroker claimed this was due to the conflicting personalities on the Weapon X and Exiles teams and attempted to fix the problem by having the teams thin each other out. Following the death of most of the Weapon X team and Magik, the Timebroker returned to his former jovial self. However, during a subsequent mission, Blink was informed that she should "beware the Timebreaker." What this means is unknown but with their doubts about the true nature of the Timebroker and his true agenda, the team is on edge.

HEIGHT: 5 ft. 7 in. (in human form)
WEIGHT: 200 lbs. (in human form)
EYES: Black (in human form)
HAIR: Black (in human form)

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: The Timebroker appears to be an entity able to travel through separate quantum realities and remove people from their timelines. It also appears he can stop time to speak to the Exiles privately. His true power level or where this power comes from is unknown.

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