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Real Name: Namor (McKenzie)
Occupation: Monarch
Identity: Publicly known
Legal status: Atlantean citizen
Other Aliases: Sub-Mariner
Place of birth: Atlantis
Group affiliation: Defenders; formerly the Invaders, Avengers and All-Winners Squad
Base of operations: Atlantis

History: Namor was born the hybrid offspring of Princess Fen of Atlantis and an American seaman, Captain Leonard McKenzie. McKenzie's ship was searching for the Lemurian city rumored to house the mythical Helmet of Power at the behest of one of his passengers, Paul Destiny. However, McKenzie distrusted the uses to which Destiny would put the Crown and caused an avalanche to bury the city. Making his way to safety, McKenzie planted explosives to break up the ice flows, unaware Atlantis lay beneath. The damage the city sustained prompted King Thakorr to send his daughter, Fen, to investigate. In a strange twist of fate, the captured princess married McKenzie. When Fen failed to return after several weeks, Thakorr dispatched a rescue party. The ensuing scuffle apparently killed McKenzie, and Fen returned to Atlantis. Nine months later, Namor was born. erous occasions, most frequently opposed by the Fantastic Four.

Namor grew up with a hostile attitude toward surface-dwellers. When Thakorr discovered men in diving suits near Atlantis, he assumed they were advance scouts for an invasion force and ordered Namor to attack New York, where he fought the original Human Torch. Shortly thereafter, Nazis attacked Atlantis. Namor joined the Invaders, and later, the All-Winners Squad, fighting the Nazi scourge alongside Captain America, the Human Torch, Spitfire and myriad other heroes of the day.

Atlantis escaped much of the fighting during World War II, but severe earthquakes damaged the city. Namor again was dispatched to New York, where he fell afoul of Paul Destiny, who finally had obtained the Helmet of Power and was causing the quakes. His power destroyed much of Atlantis, killing Thakorr and Fen. Under compulsion of the Helmet, Namor returned to New York with amnesia and became a wandering derelict.

Johnny Storm, the second Human Torch, eventually discovered Namor in the Bowery. Burning away the extra hair and substantial beard Namor had grown, Storm dropped the Atlantean in the harbor. The immersion restored most of Namor's memory, and he spent the next 10 years warring with the surface world. Eventually, he realized he must put aside his hatred of surface-dwellers on behalf of his undersea nation.

The Sub-Mariner was a founding member of the loosely knit group of heroes known as the Defenders, brought together with Dr. Strange and the Hulk when an ultimate computer called the Omegatron threatened Earth. However, a curse forced the original three Defenders and the Silver Surfer to part ways. The condemnation was lifted, but Namor did not return to the Defenders at that time. The team eventually disbanded, due to circumstances beyond their control, the founding Defenders and the Surfer were drawn together once again to battle the forces of evil.

Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 320 lbs.
Eyes: Blue-gray
Hair: Black

Known superhuman powers: Namor can lift about 85 tons at peak capacity, although his strength degrades the longer he is out of water, to a minimum of 40 tons. He is an amphibian, and breathes water and air with equal facility. Namor also can fly for several hours at peak speeds of 60 mph before tiring. In addition, he possesses limited invulnerability.

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