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Storm (AoA)
REAL NAME: Ororo Munroe
OCCUPATION: Adventurer, freedom fighter
PLACE OF BIRTH: New York City, New York
KNOWN RELATIVES: David (father, deceased), N’Dare (mother, deceased)
EDUCATION: High school

HISTORY: Ororo Munroe was a goddess. Following the rise of Apocalypse the continent of Africa was in disarray. Storm rose up and declared herself the Windrider. She carved out a small area of Africa as her own and intended to keep it safe from the strife of the war between humans and mutants. Unfortunately this just drew attention to her and her people. Apocalypse attacked the Windrider’s new nation and brought it to its knees. He captured her, had her branded and put her in the care of Sinister and the Dark Beast, instructing them to make she her into a warrior of Apocalypse. He named her Storm. In the Dark Beast’s labs Storm was tortured and subjected to the mind-warping telepathy of the Shadow King. Able to fight off his telepathy, her struggle summoned a storm of such great strength that power across Apocalypse’s lands was knocked out. During this outage, a sympathetic Prelate Scott Summers helped her escape. In Europe, she was confronted by Quicksilver who she assumed was an operative of Apocalypse. Quicksilver eventually earned her trust and asked her to join the X-Men. With the X-Men, Ororo kept the name Storm to remind her of what she had been through. She and Quicksilver would eventually become more than friends.

Storm was selected to be part of Quicksilver’s X-Men squad sent to aid the Sentinels created by the Human High Council to help evacuate North America. While there, the team was confronted by the Brotherhood and their leader, the Horseman Abyss. Storm helped save a boy Abyss had kidnapped in an attempt to draw Quicksilver out into the open. When they returned to their hideout in Westchester, they discovered Apocalypse had captured Magneto, his son Charles, and Bishop. Once Storm and Quicksilver successfully rescued Bishop, Storm accompanied the X-Men to New York City to confront Apocalypse and defeat him. Since then, Storm and Quicksilver have furthered their relationship while continuing to fight for Magneto’s dream.

HEIGHT: 5 ft. 11 in.
WEIGHT: 127 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: White
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Storm has white hair as well as a facial tattoo from her time as Apocalypse’s captive.

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Storm is a mutant with the ability to manipulate the weather in a limited area. She can fly on the winds and summon bolts of lightning from the sky.

ABILITIES: Storm is extraordinarily skilled at picking both locks and pockets.

SPECIAL LIMITATIONS: Storm suffers from extreme claustrophobia.

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