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REAL NAME: Talia Josephine Wagner
OCCUPATION: Adventurer, reality traveler, lead singer
PLACE OF BIRTH: New York, New York
KNOWN RELATIVES: Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler, father), Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch, mother)
GROUP AFFILIATION: Excalibur, formerly Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Exiles, X-Men, Butt Monkeys (Band)

HISTORY: T.J. Wagner is the daughter of two of her world's most successful heroes. Nightcrawler of the X-Men and the Scarlet Witch of the Avengers. Raised primarily in the X-Men Mansion, her mother continued to serve with the Avengers because her parents were unable to effectively go on missions together without compromising their team's safety. Nocturne trained hard, became an X-Man, and had a tumultuous relationship with her teammate, James Proudstar.

Nocturne awoke one night to find herself unhinged from time. The mysterious Timebroker informed her if she did not join the Exiles her father would die at the hands of Mystique during a battle with the Hellfire Club. Nocturne soon found she disliked the life-or-death missions but she enjoyed her new team. She began to fall in love with her teammate, T-Bird. Ironically, T-Bird was John Proudstar, the brother of her boyfriend in another reality. On a world where the Exiles were being held captive by the Skrulls, Nocturne discovered she was pregnant. Nocturne told T-Bird and both were excited about the impending birth. Unfortunately, T-Bird sacrificed his life on that same world to drive Galactus away from Earth. Nocturne hoped to wait for John to recover from his wounds but the team was forced to leave T-Bird behind. Nocturne would eventually lose the baby and spent a lot of time alone despite their offers of support.

On a mission in the Marvel Universe. the Exiles were forced to leave Nocturne behind. Exodus invited her to join his new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and she accepted in order to infiltrate their team. During their assault on the X-Mansion it appeared as if Nocturne had been killed by the Juggernaut but that was not the case. Nocturne helped the X-Men defeat the Brotherhood, but unfortunately she was sucked into the portal in Xorn's head. Where this leaves Nocturne is unknown.

HEIGHT: 5 ft. 7 in.
WEIGHT: 125 lbs.
EYES: Yellow
HAIR: Indigo
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Talia has pointed ears, blue fur, three toes and fingers, and a retractable tail.

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Nocturne is a mutant with the ability to possess another person for up to 12 hours. Once she leaves the body, the possessed is dazed and sometimes comatose for up to 24 hours. She also fires Hex Bolts which are energy blasts released from the dimension her father Nightcrawler teleports through. Nocturne also has limited telepathy.

SPECIAL LIMITATIONS: Nocturne can only possess one person per 24 hours.

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