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Real name: Meggan
Other aliases: None known
Identity: Publicly known
Occupation: Adventurer
Legal status: Citizen of the United Kingdom with no criminal record
Place of birth: Great Britain, near Fenborough Station
Marital status: Engaged to Brian Braddock (Captain Britain)
Known relatives: Parents (depicted but not named)
Base of operations: (current) Muir Island Genetic Research Center off the coast of Scotland, (former) Captain Britain's Lighthouse off the coast of Britain
Group affiliation: Excalibur
First appearance: (American) NEW MUTANTS ANNUAL #2

History: Meggan was born near what legend claims to be the site of an ancient British fortress that was a place of dark sorcery. It was in part because of this legend that Meggan's parents, who were gypsies, believed her to be a demon when she was born. The infant Meggan was covered with fur and resembled an animal. In actuality, Meggan was a mutant with the power to alter her shape, and she had taken this fur-covered form instinctively as a response to the bitterly cold weather at the time of her birth.

Unaware of her shape-changing powers, Meggan retained her furry form as she grew into adolescence and regarded herself as a freak. She eventually met the costumed champion, Captain Britain, and went to live with him and his sister, Betsy, at their ancestral home, Braddock Manor.

The time finally came when Meggan realized she could alter her physical appearance, whereupon she first assumed the form she normally uses today, that of a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair. After making this transformation, her relationship with Captain Britain changed considerably, for they soon became lovers.

Like Captain Britain, Meggan is a founding member of Excalibur, a team of superhuman champions based in the United Kingdom.

Height: Variable, usually 5 ft. 7 in., 5 ft. 10 true form
Weight: Variable, usually 120 lbs., 130 lbs. in true form
Eyes: Variable, usually green
Hair: Variable, usually blonde
Other distinguishing features: Meggan has pointed ears in her usual and true form.

Strength level: Meggan possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

Known superhuman powers: Meggan is a mutant possessing various superhuman powers. Meggan is a metamorph, altering her physical form at will. Her facial features and overall physical appearance often change to a degree with her mood; hence, she might become considerably less attractive when she is deeply depressed. She may consciously or unconsciously alter her appearance to resemble people or even animals that she is with at the time. Meggan can draw energy from the Earth and project it in a burst of concussive power. Meggan possesses the power to fly, presumably through psionically levitating herself. Meggan's life force and superhuman powers are dependent upon the mystical forces within the British Isles. Her powers and health will deteriorate if she remains for too long a time outside Britain. Her health and superhuman powers will also function normally in certain magical realms in other dimensions.

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