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Marlene Alraune

Real Name: Marlene Alraune
Occupation: Art history student, later archaeologist, secretary, social worker
Identity: Publicly known
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Other Aliases: Marlene Fontaine, also others briefly adopted on undercover missions
Place of Birth: Unrevealed, presumably in the United States
Marital Status: Devorced
Known Relatives: Dr. Peter Alraune, Sr. (father, deceased), Dr. Peter Alraune, Jr. (brother, deceased), Eric Jules Fontaine (devorced husband)
Group Affiliation: Any of Moon Knight
Base of Operations: Formerly Spector Mansion, 13 Seabreeze Crescent, Southampton, Long Island, New York, later New York City
First Appearance: THE HULK #11

History: Marlene Alraune was the daugther of Dr. Peter Alraune, Sr., a noted archaeologist. Marlene studied art history in college. At an early age she married Eric Jules Fontaine, but their marriage lasted only a brief time for reasons that have yet to be revealed.

Dr. Peter Alraune Sr. spent five years searching for ancient Egyptain archaeologist artifacts in the Sudan, just south of the presents day Egyptian boarder.Marlene joined him in his work in the Sudan. (It is unclear if she was with him during the entire five years he spent there.) Near the town of Selima, Dr. Alraune discoved the tomb of the Pharaoh Seti III.

The mercenary terrorist Raoul Bushman learned about Dr. Alraune's discovery and planned to attack Selima and steal whatever treasures the Archeologist had found. Bushman was in the Sudan leading his mercenaries against rebal forces there. One of those mercenaries, Marc Spector, appalled by Bushman's atrocities in battle, decided to leave his employ.

During Bushman's raid on Selima, Dr. Alraune, fearing the Bushman would steal and melt down their atrifacts for their gold, attemped to kill him. Spector stopped Dr. Alraune, but was then sickened when Bushman savagely murdered the archaeologist Spector found Marlene Alraune and told her to get to safety. Marlene left, thinking Spector was the one who killed her father. Later, Spector angrily protested when Bushman had innocent civilians in Selima slaughtered. Bushman knocked Spector unconsious an had him left in the desert to die.

Regaining consciousness, Spector wandered through the desert, finally, by seeming chance, approaching Pharaoh Seti III's tomb. There Spector was found, on the brink of death, by some of Dr. Arlaune's workers. They brought him inside the tomb. Spector was suffering from such great heat exhaustion that his heart stopped, and one of the workers pronounced him dead. Marlene, who was supervising the packing of the descovered artifacts before Bushman could find them, was saddened by Spector's apparent death, relizing that he did save her life. While she watched over him, Spector revived. He attributed his seeming resurrection to the Egyptian moon god Khonsu, whose statue stood nearby. Spector draped himself in a cloak he took from the statueand decleared himself the moon's knight of vengeance. In this new guise Spector defeated Bushman's forces.

Marlene began to fall in love with Spector,and they both returned to America. There Spector became the masked crimefighter known as Moon Knight. As Spector's confidante, Marlene encouraged his developement of the Moon Knightidentity as a force for justice.

He also adopted another identity, that of Steven Grant, who, through waise investments, rapidly became a millionaire. Grant and Marlene took up residence in a mansion in Long Island, New York. She was both his lover and personal secretary.

Marlene often participated in Moon Knight's crimefighting missions, sometimes as an undercover agent. She was severly injured on one ofthese missions but underwent a complete recovery.

Marlene preferred Spector's more refined "Steven Grant" persona to the others he used, and she was increasingly distressed by his growing brought about by use of multiple identities.

Eventually, to Marlene's relief, Spector seemingly overcame his schizophrenia and still later, gave up his Moon Knight identity. He now led a peaceful life, following the Grant persona's lifestyle but using his real name Marc Spector.

However, upon having a visiion of Khonshy, Spector felt himself compelled to return to the Sudan. Unwilling to see him return to his life of violence and multiple personalities, Marlene told Spector that she would leave him if he went to the Sudan. He went there nevertheless, and Marlene moved out of the Long Island mansion.

She enrolled in a school for social work, and soon became a social worker at the Seaview Research Hospital. Eventually, she went back to her husband, Eric Jules Fontaine, who was now cripple. But through circumstances not yet revealed, she left him again to return to Spector who once again operated as Moon Knight out of his Long Island mansion.

Height: 5 ft. 8 in
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Strength Level: Marlene Alraune possesses the normal strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.

Known Superhuman Powers: None

Other Abilities: Marlene Alraune is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and a skilled gymnast. She is a good markswoman with a handgun. She is also a skilled hypnotist.

Weapons: Marlene Alraune carries a .44 magnum pistol.

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