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Awesome Android

The "Awesome" Android is an artificial being created by the Mad Thinker utilizing research gathered by Dr. Reed Richards. The earliest of the Thinker's attempts at creating pseudo-living superhuman servants, the Android is a cross between a robot and a true android, possessing certain mechanical parts in its pseudo-organic body. The Thinker created the Android soon after reaching the Baxter Building headquarters of the Fantastic Four for the first time and seizing Reed Richards' notes about replicating DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), the molecules of life. By splicing the DNA molecules of an ape to "unstable molecules'' (a configuration of unknown atomic nuclei and electrons responsive to certain energized matter around it), the Thinker created a 15 foot pseudo-organic body into which he implanted a powerful micro-computer brain and a solar-charged power source. The configuration of the Android was the Thinker's own design. Programmed for combat, the Android has unstable molecular tissue and skin which enables it to mimic certain properties of the beings with which it establishes physical or sensory contact. It can, for instance, mimic the Thing's rocky epidermis; Iceman's ice-coating, Rom's steely armament, and Captain America's phenomenal physique. The Android can also expel 180 mile per hour winds from its mouth, form its fists into granite-like blocks, and expand in size about 10% through unknown means. It is relatively slow-moving and incapable of speech. The Mad Thinker has since built many other androids and robots that have served him more effectively. The Thinker had abandoned the Android who has taken refuge in a barn in Ohio.

The Awesome Android was revived by the Super-Adaptoid when it created a group of robots called Heavy Metal to distract the superhuman team called the Avengers. The Android was seemingly destroyed by the Avenger, the Sub-Mariner, who ripped off its head and allowed the Android to sink into the ocean.

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #15

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