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Holocaust (AoA)
REAL NAME: Unknown
OCCUPATION: Horseman of Apocalypse, caretaker of a quarter of
Apocalypse’s nation
KNOWN RELATIVES: Apocalypse (supposed father)
GROUP AFFILIATION: Horseman of Apocalypse

HISTORY: Originally known as Nemesis and claiming to be the son of Apocalypse, Holocaust first appeared at the X-Men’s base at Wundagore Mountain. He was sent by Apocalypse to kill as many of Magneto’s young students as he could while the X-Men were off fighting Apocalypse’s Horsemen. The Scarlet Witch was able to defeat Nemesis, but he was still able to kill her. He left before the X-Men returned and was embraced by Apocalypse as his newest Horseman.

During Apocalypse’s blitzkrieg launched against Europe and Asia. Nemesis joined Apocalypse in Japan. They murdered thousands of humans and captured Sunfire. Before they could kill him. Sunfire unleashed a nuclear level plasma blast, which Nemesis absorbed, saving himself and Apocalypse. Apocalypse returned home to recuperate, leaving Nemesis, now charged with Sunfire’s energies, in charge of Japan. A small squad of X-Men attacked him. Using Sunfire’s energy, Nemesis was about to murder Quicksilver. Enraged, Magneto used his powers to tear Nemesis apart from the inside. The X-Men retreated and left the burnt corpse of Nemesis for dead. He awoke in the labs of the Dark Beast and was fitted with a transparent armor that would not only channel his energy but also contain him and keep him from dissipating. He took the name Holocaust and would eventually become a Horseman again.

Holocaust faced off against Sabretooth and Wild Child in Chicago. Holocaust was winning and, in his excitement, revealed the secret location of an Infinite processing plant. Wild Child escaped and took this information back to the X-Men who used it to save thousands of lives. In the final battle of the Age of Apocalypse, Holocaust fought the Sinister-created “X-Man” known as Nate Grey. Grey stabbed Holocaust with a shard of the M’Kraan Crystal, which sent both of them into the original Marvel Universe.

When Holocaust reappeared on the "mainstream" Marvel Universe he was encased in a cocoon of ice orbiting the Earth. The cocoon was recovered by the Acolytes and brought aboard their space station Avalon. Holocaust awakened inside Avalon and began to battle the Acolytes' leader Exodus, which resulted in the destruction of Avalon. Both Exodus and Holocaust were sent hurtling to Earth.

Looking for a rematch, Holocaust soon appeared hunting down X-Man, who had also traveled to this Earth. X-Man and his ally Threnody soundly defeated Holocaust. Holocaust was later recruited by the entity known as Onslaught in his plan to conquer Earth. Holocaust and Post, another thrall of Onslaught, were defeated in Manhattan by the Avengers.

HEIGHT: 6 ft. 3 in.
WEIGHT: 240 lbs.
EYES: Red (blue as Nemesis)
HAIR: Blond (none as Nemesis)

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Holocaust is a mutant who is able to absorb energy from other mutants. He also uses the energy he siphoned to increase his strength and project energy blasts. As Nemesis, he was also able to redirect that energy into a negation effect on others’ powers. He does not seem to have that ability since he lost his physical form.

SPECIAL LIMITATIONS: Holocaust’s skin and vital organs are completely burned away. He is currently just a flaming skeleton in a transparent life support containment suit, which he needs to stay alive: without it, he would eventually dissipate and die.

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