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Real name: Unknown
Other aliases: Nemesis
Identity: The general populace of Earth is unaware of Holocaust's existence.
Occupation: (current) Would-be conqueror, (former) Horseman of Apocalypse in an alternate timeline
Legal status: None
Place of birth: An unidentified location on Earth in an alternate timeline
Marital status: Single
Known relatives: Holocaust has claimed that he is the son of En Sabah Nur, the mutant known as Apocalypse
Base of operations: Unrevealed
Group affiliation: None
First appearance: X-MEN: ALPHA #1

History: Holocaust originally comes from an alternate timeline in which Apocalypse conquered North America. Holocaust first appeared in human form as the entity Nemesis, and attacked the base of that timeline's version of the X-Men, located at Wundagore Mountain. Nemesis's attack was driven off by the mutants Rogue and Scarlet Witch, with the latter sacrificing her life in the battle. In retaliation, Scarlet Witch's father, Magneto, who led that timeline's X-Men, attacked and almost slew Nemesis, requiring the latter to be placed into an energy containment suit to prevent death.

Nemesis, who had renamed himself Holocaust, returned and rose to the level of Horseman in Apocalypse's army. During an assault on Apocalypse's Citadel by the X-Men, Holocaust fell into battle with the mutant X-Man. During the fight, X-Man stabbed Holocaust with a shard of the S Crystal, which is a nexus for all realities, and both Holocaust and X-Man disappeared.

Holocaust reappeared in the "mainstream" X-Men's reality, encased in a cocoon of ice orbiting the Earth. The cocoon was recovered by the Acolytes and brought aboard their space station Avalon. Holocaust awakened inside Avalon and began to battle the Acolytes' leader Exodus, which resulted in the destruction of Avalon. Both Exodus and Holocaust were sent hurtling to Earth.

Looking for a rematch, Holocaust soon appeared hunting down X-Man, who had also traveled to this Earth. X-Man and his ally Threnody soundly defeated Holocaust. Holocaust was later recruited by the entity known as Onslaught in his plan to conquer Earth. Holocaust and Post, another thrall of Onslaught, were defeated in Manhattan by the Avengers. Holocaust's current whereabouts are unknown.

Height: 7 ft. 5 in.
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Red (no visible irises)
Hair: None

Strength level: Holocaust possesses superhuman strength, the extent of which is unknown.

Known superhuman powers: Holocaust is a mutant who is capable of absorbing the life forces of others. After absorption, Holocaust is able to use the life energy to increase his strength and project powerful energy blasts.

Equipment: Holocaust wears armor made of an unknown material that contains his body, which is composed of pure energy of an unknown type. The armor projects Holocaust's energy blasts and renders him impervious to virtually every type of physical injury.

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