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Gambit (AoA)
REAL NAME: Remy LeBeau
OCCUPATION: Adventurer, freedom tighter
PLACE OF BIRTH: New Orleans, Louisiana
GROUP AFFILIATION: The X-Ternals; formerly X-Men
EDUCATION: No official schooling

HISTORY: Remy LeBeau was adopted into the Thieves Guild of New Orleans as a young child. By the time he was a young adult he was considered one of the Guild’s best and brightest. The leader of the Thieves Guild, Candra, joined forces with Apocalypse and became one of his Horsemen but was murdered by Holocaust during the Horsemen’s War of Succession. Gambit fled and hid in the ruins of New Orleans. He found himself caught in the middle of a battle between the X-Men and a small band of Apocalypse’s Infinite soldiers. Gambit could have slipped away quietly but he chose to help the X-Men and saved the life of Magneto, preventing Alex Summers from killing him with a plasma blast. Magneto invited Gambit to join the X-Men and the two became close friends. Gambit began to have feelings for Rogue and considered asking her to marry him. On the day he planned to propose. Gambit saw Magneto and Rogue kiss. Moments later, an agent of Apocalypse named Wolverine attacked the X-Men. Both Gambit and Magneto were placed in grave danger and Rogue did not hesitate to save Magneto. Gambit was crushed. He left the X-Men and formed his own small band of thieves, the X-Ternals, who stole from mutants and helped humans.

When Magneto discovered the possible existence of a reality better than the Age of Apocalypse, he asked Gambit to steal the M’Kraan Crystal, the Nexus of all Realities. Gambit’s girlfriend, Lila Cheney teleported the X-Ternals to the Shi’ar Kingdom in search of the crystal. Gambit was given a shard of the M’Kraan Crystal return had at the cost of a piece of his soul, his love for Rogue. The team teleported back to Earth and was betrayed by Strong Guy when he took the crystal shard from Gambit, kidnapped Magneto’s son, Charles, and delivered them both to Apocalypse. Gambit could have gone after him but chose to save an endangered Lila. Gambit later joined the X-Men in their fight at Apocalypse’s capital where he killed an insane Colossus to prevent him from destroying the M’Kraan Crystal. The X-Men were victorious over Apocalypse and Gambit has since returned to the X-Men and fights alongside Magneto with new resolve.

HEIGHT: 6 ft. 1 in.
WEIGHT: 179 lbs.
EYES: Burning red
HAIR: Brown

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Gambit is a mutant with the ability to tap into the potential energy contained within an object and transform it into kinetic energy upon touching it. When Gambit charges the item and throws it at a target. it releases this energy explosively on impact. Gambit cannot charge an animate object.

SPECIAL LIMITATIONS: Gambit’s eyes are light-sensitive, which temporarily impairs his vision if exposed to bright light.

PARAPHERNALIA: Gambit carries a staff. He also carries throwing daggers which he charges with kinetic energy.

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