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Dazzler (AoA)
REAL NAME: Alison Blair
IDENTITY: Publicly known
OCCUPATION: Former teen pop star
PLACE OF BIRTH: Gardendale, Long Island
KNOWN RELATIVES: Carter (father, assumed deceased), mother (deceased)
EDUCATION: High school

HISTORY: The months leading up to Apocalypse’s first strike against America were the happiest of young Allison Blair’s life. She had released her first album and had become a pop sensation. During Apocalypse’s first strike, Allison’s father paid to have her taken to a safe location. He did not realize the woman he paid to take his daughter out of the country was actually the shape-shifting Mystique in disguise. Mystique intended to dump her human cargo in some small backwoods town until she discovered Allison was actually a mutant with the ability to transform sound into light. Mystique delivered Alison to Magneto and she became part of his new crop of mutants training to become X-Men.

While Magneto and the rest of the X-Men were off on a mission, Nemsis came to the X-Men headquarters in an attempt to destroy all that Magneto had built. The Scarlet Witch gave her life to prevent Nemesis from harming any of the younger mutants in her care. Witnessing the sacrifice of the Scarlet Witch, Allison decided to focus completely on becoming an X-Man and honoring the memory of Wanda Maximoff.

Before the final battle to defeat Apocalypse, Dazzler, accompanying an X-Men team led by Quicksilver, helped mutant-hunting Sentinels evacuate humans across the ocean to Europe. The team’s mission was a success, despite being attacked by a small group of Apocalypse’s elite shock troops, and they returned to the X-Men’s Westchester base. Months later, Dazzler’s boyfriend and fellow X-Man, Exodus was sent on a secret mission along with his fellow X-Men, Wild Child, Iceman, and Morph. They have not been heard from since. Dazzler has tried to move on with her life but she secretly waits for Exodus’ return, hoping he is somehow still alive.

HEIGHT: 5 ft. 9 in.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Dazzler is a mutant who is able to convert sound waves into light in a variety of ways including laser blasts, a light shield, and hypnotizing lights. Dazzler has also demonstrated the ability to create “hard light” for use in a physical attack or to fool electronic sensors. She is also able to release a huge blast of light temporarily stunning and blinding all those around her, leaving herself dazed and drained. She rarely does this, due to the danger to everyone in the area.

ABILITIES: Dazzler is a talented performer and singer.

SPECIAL LIMITATIONS: Dazzler is unable to absorb the sound of her own voice to generate light.

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