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Cabe, Bethany

REAL NAME: Bethany Cabe
IDENTITY: Publicly known
LEGAL STATUS: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
PLACE OF BIRTH: Unrevealed, presumably in the United States
KNOWN RELATIVES: Alexander van Tiburg (husband, deceased)
GROUP AFFILIATION: Former partner in the firm of Cabe &McPherson, Security Specialists
BASE OF OPERATION: Formerly New York City, later West Germany

HISTORY: Years ago Bethany Cabe married Alexander van Tiburg shortly after the West German government named him as its junior ambassador to the United States. She had no career of her own during her marriage. Bethany came to believe that van Tilburg cared more for his career than for her, and that he regarded her as a decrotive prop for impressing his diplomatic colleagues. Worse, Van Tilburg became dependent on pills and only became angry whenever Bethany tried to discuss the situation with him. Believing he was destroying himself, Bethany left van Tilburg. A month later, van Tilburg was reported to have died in a car accident. Bethany came to feel guilty over his apparent death, thinking it might have been due to his consumption of drugs and that she might have been able to prevent his demise had she remained with him.

When she learned of her husband's apparent death, Bethany Cabe vowed that she would never be dependent on anyone again, either emotionally, financially, or physically. She studied with various police officers and street fighter on America's East Coast, and eventually became one of the world's most respected and highly paid bodyguards for diplomats, members of royalty, and socialites. She and her best friend, ling McPherson, another bodyguard, had their own firm, Cabe & McPherson, Security Specialists.

Cabe first met Anthony Stark, the millionaire inventor who is secretly the original Iron Man, at a reception at the Carnelian embassy in New York City. Cabe and Stark became romantically involved with each other. When Stark first began drinking heavily. Cabe thought he was destroying himself as her husband had. But, unlike van Tilburg, Stark asked for Cabe's help in overcoming his alcoholism and with her aid he succeeded,

At first Cabe resented Iron Man, thinking that he was not good enough bodyguard for Stark, but at some point she realized that Iron Man was actually Stark himself. Her suspicions were subsequently confirmed when the criminal Madame Masque told her of Stark's dual identity. Cabe decided not to tell Stark she herself knew his secret.

Shortly afterwards, Cabe learned that her husband was still alive and was being held prisoner in an East German security complex. Cabe went to East Germany and allowed herself to be arrested for espionage there as part of her plan to break van Tilburg out of captivity. As she had planned, she was sent to the same security complex where here husband was being held; officials there were attempting to force him to reveal secret information to them. Unaware Cabe's plan, Stark infiltrated the complex, hoping to rescue her. When both Cabe and Stark were in danger of being caught there, Cabe told Stark she knew he was Iron Man and told him he had to don his armor to save them. As Iron Man, Stark got both Cabe and van Tilburg to safety. Guilt-ridden over what had happened to her husband, who had gone into a coma-like state in captivity. Cabe decided to remain with him.

However, as time past, van Tilburg went back to his dependence on drugs, lost his ambassadorship, and watched his career fall into ruins. He refused to accept Bethany's help. She sought out Stark, hoping that he could help deal with van Tilburg, but she was then abducted by men working for Stark's enemy Obadish Stane, who was in league with Madame Masque. Stane had the scientist Dr. Theron Atlanta exchange the minds of Cabe and Madame Masque; then Madame Masque, in Cabe's body, attempted to assassinate Stark. Cabe, in Madame Masque's body, thwarted the attempt, and Stark used Dr. Atlanta's mind-exchange machine to restore the psyches of Cabe and Madame Masque to their rightful bodies.

Cabe had again fallen in love with Stark, but felt obligated to return to her husband once more. However, back in Germany, she decided that her husband's situation was hopeless and that he did not want her help. She decided to divorce van Tilburg. However, he was then murdered by drug dealers whom Cabe later had arrested by the police.

HEIGHT: 5 ft. 7 in.
WEIGHT: 125 lbs
EYES: Green

STRENGTH LEVEL: Bethany Cabe possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.


OTHER ABILITIES: Bethany Cabe is a superb hand-to-hand combatant and an excellent all-around athlete. She is highly skilled in the use of handguns.

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