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Abyss (AoA)

REAL NAME: Nils Styger
OCCUPATION: Horseman of Apocalypse, caretaker of a quarter of Apocalypse’s nation
KNOWN RELATIVES: Raven Darkholme (Mystique, mother), Kurt Darkholme (Nightcrawler, half-brother)
GROUP AFFILIATION: Horseman of Apocalypse

HISTORY: Most of Abyss’ life is shrouded in mystery. He is the son of Mystique but neither he nor Nightcrawler realize they are brothers. It is also rumored that he fought his way out of Sinister’s labs. But instead of escaping, he fought his way into Apocalypse’s lair and assassinated a Horsemen by the name of Bastion. Impressed by the boy’s tenacity, Apocalypse made him his youngest Horseman.

During the evacuation of Maine, Abyss was in charge of stopping the X-Men and the Sentinels from helping the humans escape North America. He kidnapped a young boy and used him to draw Quicksilver into the open. Obviously obsessed with impressing Apocalypse by capturing the son of Magneto, Abyss abandoned his main goal of stopping the evacuation and allowed it to occur. He met Quicksilver but was unable to defeat the X-Men leader. Quicksilver was able to save the kidnapped boy and defeat Abyss with the help of his fellow X-Man, Storm.

Following this defeat, Abyss was placed in charge of interrogating the mysterious man known as Bishop. The X-Men staged a daring raid to free him and Abyss allowed his ego to get in the way of completing his mission. This time it cost him more than just his objective. Abyss underestimated the strength of the mutant Banshee and his sonic scream. Flying into Abyss, Banshee cut loose with the full fury of his powers and it appeared that he ripped Abyss apart. Abyss has not been heard from since and it is assumed that he is dead. But it is unknown whether a mutant with his powers and no true physical form could ever truly die.

HEIGHT: Variable
WEIGHT: Variable
EYES: Electric blue
HAIR: Blue
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Abyss has tar black skin and electric blue eyes. His body appears to be transparent but it is actually a portal into a different dimension.

SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Abyss is a mutant whose body is actually a portal to another dimension. It is possible this may be the same dimension that Nightcrawler travels through when he teleports. Abyss is also able to stretch his body and capture things in his tendril-like appendages. absorb some of their strength, and then deposit them in his pocket dimension. It is unknown whether anything can survive in this pocket dimension it is possible that someday some of his victims could escape. Abyss also showed signs that he may have some sort of limited telepathy or empathy.

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